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2 years ago

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This is just to show that the unforeseen needs best ! This is a long story, a true story of what happened yesterday / last night, but it was a long night, so I hope you enjoy reading about how much they enjoyed the experience itself. I'll change the name of another person and I will publish under a pseudonym, despite the innocent, or rather not so innocent to protect me, lol, but will consider all comments when I log on I, so if you leave a comment and I check your profile and sound like and see what you have to offer, who knows, maybe you might want me next time? Yesterday morning I have to be connected to sky rocking in my posts and find it was one of a kind that was sent a reply to message automatically if someone winks at you. He apologized, but explained that he did not really fazed me, and put it in a system failure, but we had a chat anyway. He said his name was Jonathan. His messages were very nice and polite, but as was at work, does not bother me to concentrate completely and after exchanging a few messages at a general nature on the site and the number of people when they send a message or a message, etc, etc, but then did stop there. After work I went home, had a good tubegalore bath in the tub, and almost automatically slipped into preparing for tubegalore a meeting. I had nothing planned, but of course they must have the warm feeling, so I went to cross a couple of municipalities dogging. There's one in particular that I live about 15 miles from where I was near Scunthorpe, so I thought it would be an opportunity. tubegalore in my jeans and I wore a tubegalore pair of black fishnet stockings and black lace panties. I have 38 years, of course, limited to medium build and spoke attractive and I love bi guys and couples. I tubegalore am a sub when a man and anal oral and receiving love, so I applied some lube just in case! When I arrived there were two cars parked, so I stopped in the parking lot. When the lights went on roand it was obvious they were runners child, so I turned around and left. By the way, how is it that most of these young drivers a car full of young people seem to have stunning beauty, but apparently more interested in the ruin of our chances, have fun and low- level line, lol ? ? In any case, a short distance along the road a little street where I saw people who have parked so headed there. As I put it in a car followed me, followed by a small white van. I parked the car and parked behind me, the van drove past, turned around, and then pushed back more than a couple of times later. The man left the car, so I, and we were in the back of my car, and he with his cock already in hand. I dropped my pants and stockings tubegalore revealed her bare legs and panties. He liked it, and extended his hand and started caressing my legs, while muttering, " charming. " gently put his arm behind my head and pushed down in the direction of the tail, which once had in my mouth and begaNo it sucks. He was very hard and very very well. As I sucked, I heard a car approaching. Do tubegalore not worry, he said, it's just that white van, so I stayed in position, but something was behind my car on the street and proceeded to give a blowjob. The van stopped next door and I heard the window down when he saw us. I was hoping he would come and go, but he had no time, when the guy started in my mouth before filling her mouth with cum momentum. I swallowed it all and came out, thanked him before driving off. The type of the truck, but then drove turned, so I stayed on the side of my car and leaned toward him a good look at my ass, panties and stockings tubegalore clad legs. He went behind my car with the lights still exposing myself completely off the engine. I heard the door opening and closing looked back to see what was coming. I tubegalore was in the position and felt his ha
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